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About Porsche’s Ugly Duckling and the process of creating Swans

914 SIG Mid-West US Ramble, Oklahoma 2002

Sometimes things just work out. It certainly did just after I had bought the 914-6 which should become known as “Silver” to us. After the deal was completed in California, I had the car transported with a car moving company to Texas. That all went completely well and after the car arrived it could be [...]

Rich Johnson’s 1971 914-6 3.0L SC “Ole Yeller”

Meet Ole Yeller, a trusted companion of my friend, 914′eener Rich Johnson since (I believe) 1976. Rich bought the car as a very young man in Little Rock, AR with only 35.000 miles on it from the original owner.
Like most, Yeller has gone through phases in her life. For instance, from ‘83 to ‘89 the [...]