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About Porsche’s Ugly Duckling and the process of creating Swans

914 SIG Mid-West US Ramble, Oklahoma 2002

Sometimes things just work out. It certainly did just after I had bought the 914-6 which should become known as “Silver” to us. After the deal was completed in California, I had the car transported with a car moving company to Texas. That all went completely well and after the car arrived it could be [...]

Welcome to the updated “Pages of Porsche 914 Conversions”
- now 914 Conversions dot com

A lot of stuff has happened in my 914 universe since 2000 when I last updated the site. Most importantly, I am now also the happy owner of a 914-6 (yes, a converted car) which you will be able to read more about here on this site.

The original 4 to 4 conversion that started it [...]