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About Porsche’s Ugly Duckling and the process of creating Swans

The 3.2L Carrera has been detailed

The state of the engine was great with no leaks or signs of weekness. The reason we took it out in the first place was to be able to repair that nasty cut through the firewall made by the previous owner of the car.
However, given how nice the engine bay would turn out, it would [...]

Type-4 2.0L details – and a service run

The time leading up to the holidays provided a chance to run my completed 2.0L 4-cyl engine. Originally, this engine came about as the future power plant for my 1971 4-cyl car which remains un-restored to date.
The engine had been sitting for a while and per advice of several of my 914 mentors it was [...]

New motor mount and engine bay clean-up

I am not looking to create a show car – I want to create a 914-6 which is sorted and easy to use, with very respectable performance and with no higher maintenance needs than, say, a 911 Carrera 3.2L from the eighties.
As such, we will not go into underside painting but rather invest in a [...]

Coming apart

Well – I took the plunge. Silver is coming apart for a respray. it started with a desire to redo the engine compartment, not least to fix the firewall which had been cut by the PO. As part of that work, the engine came out for some detalling work and some upgrades.

Some piece of machinery! [...]

Firewall cuts

Prior to purchasing the car, it was determined that after the conversion was completed by the PO an alternater failure had occured. Instead of dropping the engine to replace it the firewall was cut from the inside after removing the backbad, allowing the change. It was not something I cared for but you take the [...]

Triad exhast had to go

Naturally, I could not leave my new car “as is”. My need to have influence was almost immediately guided towards changing the muffler to a Dansk 911 exhaust. What you see below is a so-called Triad exhaust which I did not much care for. I am sure it’s a fine muffler, but aesthetically it’s not [...]