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About Porsche’s Ugly Duckling and the process of creating Swans

More on brake calipers for the 5-lug setup

When I purchased Silver, some rather large Brembo calipers used on the Porsche 911 993-model were installed in the front. They can be seen through the wheel in the below image:

This is surely a great brake setup. The caliper mounts to the 914-6 strut with the aid of an aluminum adapter. The rotor also needs [...]

5-lug conversion – what’s that?

If you’ve ever fancied the looks of early 911 wheels you are probably aware they are called Fuchs wheels. Fuchs is a German metalware company that stems back as early as 1910. Fuchs has been supplying parts to several car companies, including Porsche. Visit Fuchs here
Now, all 914 4-cylinder cars use a bolt pattern for [...]