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Another 3.2L

Seal Grey transformation complete

As the engine had found it’s way back in the car it is time to complete all the cosmetics of the overhaul. I really love the color we ended up with. It changes a lot with the light and it goes so well with chrome!

A few more

Next, seals, chrome, lights interior and all the details [...]

Rich Johnson’s 1971 914-6 3.0L SC “Ole Yeller”

Meet Ole Yeller, a trusted companion of my friend, 914′eener Rich Johnson since (I believe) 1976. Rich bought the car as a very young man in Little Rock, AR with only 35.000 miles on it from the original owner.
Like most, Yeller has gone through phases in her life. For instance, from ‘83 to ‘89 the [...]

Triad exhast had to go

Naturally, I could not leave my new car “as is”. My need to have influence was almost immediately guided towards changing the muffler to a Dansk 911 exhaust. What you see below is a so-called Triad exhaust which I did not much care for. I am sure it’s a fine muffler, but aesthetically it’s not [...]

Welcome to the updated “Pages of Porsche 914 Conversions”
- now 914 Conversions dot com

A lot of stuff has happened in my 914 universe since 2000 when I last updated the site. Most importantly, I am now also the happy owner of a 914-6 (yes, a converted car) which you will be able to read more about here on this site.

The original 4 to 4 conversion that started it [...]