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18  06 2008

About site

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This is the second generation of a web site I initially launched in 1996, aptly named “The Pages of Porsche 914 Conversions”. This site existed until the summer of 2008, however, with literally no updates in quite some years. In spite of this fact, the amounts of visits to the site was staggering and I felt compelled to create a new site.

A more flexible platform was clearly needed and this blog-style site was launched. I have copied some content from the last iteration of the old site, but I have also let a fair bit go. At the same time, the identity of the site was revamped to “914 conversions dot com”

I am happy you are here – I hope I can entertain you!

Background information
In 1990, I attended a 3-day seminar of track racing. The very interesting weekend ended with a club race on the Sunday in which the participants of the seminar were to function as race officials, each having different responsibilities. My task put me near the pit area and it was there I was to see the type of car that would fascinate me so much for the first time.

It was a Porsche 914. Having engine troubles of some kind, several guys were intensively working on the car. When the engine occasionally ran, it had a wonderful, aggressive sound, and the car appeared very potent, even just sitting there with engine troubles.

I never discovered the details of that car. But one thing was sure, I wouldn’t forget about 914’s for some time. Over the next couple of years I did some sporadic reading on the 914 but it wasn’t before late summer of ‘94 my interest peaked.

1971 914-4 1.7L

At that time, I bought my 1971 914-4 1.7L. The car was driving but fairly shabby. Beggars can’t be choosers, and I was just happy to own it.

I did use the car frequently for the first 2 years, but it had so many poor solutions all around. Carburettor linkage was one of them. I cannot remember anything but brief moments of syncronicity between the two double┬áDell ‘Orto carbs. It was fun to drive and the motor was strong, but many other mechanical issues soon appeared. At some point I realized my new baby would have to go through a major overhaul if to function with just a decent amount of reliability. It has been in storage ever since.

My search for parts soon brought me into contact with many fine people in this open and friendly community. Most importantly, I met Rich Johnson in 1994 and a friendship evolved that is going on it’s 18th year now. Over the years, I have learnt so much from Rich whose addiction to Porsche 914’s is extremely contagious. To have a such a good friend and mentor has been vital in keeping me dedicated┬áto these odd and enticing cars.

Over the years I got exposed to 6-cylinder cars. The allure of the 911 engine got to me instantly and I knew I had to have one at some point. I continued the path of sourcing parts for my 4-4 conversion, travels were made and events were attended. I am proud to say that it has only taken me 15 years to get all the parts for my 4-4 cylinder conversion going ;-)


In 2002 came the opportunity where I would buy my second 914; this time a sorted and driving 914-6 converted car, sporting a 3.2L low milage 1989 Carrera engine. Quickly named “Silver” for obvious reasons, I got to experience events and new 914 friendships under my own roar in Silver. Good times were had but in 2004 I could no longer resist and embarked on a very extensive make-over of Silver.

I am still severely bitten by the Porsche 914 bug and interest has never vaned in 20 years. Lots of stories and information has accumulated inside of me and I feel inclined to write about the cars and what I am doing with them.

4 Responses to “About site”

  1. Hey I Like your website I am a new owner of a 75 914 which I am planning to restore. My baby needs to alot of work and I’m using my baby as a good mental mood soother!!!!. I have always been in love with a 914 since ‘84 when my buddy’s brother in high school baiught one (boy that was one hell of a week for two 16 year olds) I am fretting about keeping my 75 original and just buying an earlier model for a 6 conversion
    anyway i hope you update this baby soon if not i hope your having fun with your six

  2. I owned Autobahn Collision Center in Charlotte NC. Specializing in Porsche and exotic repair. I own a 71 conversion using a 2.4 carborated powerplant(approxamately 190 hp)”Little ugly” I have built several cars. one owned by Bob Seville of Naroescape Motorsports. Named “Huey” See http://www.naroescapemotorsports.com read the article titled bad week at targa. I am interested in joining your website if posiible. We have a good group of 914-6 guy’s here. look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hi I noticed ol yeller and am happy to see another 911sc 3.0 going into a 914 .
    I am in the process of turning my adriatic blue 914 into a 914/6 with a 911sc and I am wondering if there is a fan kit to supliment the oil cooler that is already going to help cool the engine.
    Please respond if you can help as when I turn the engine around the 911 fan is now pushing air flow away from engine-Phil

  4. Hi guys, i live in Belgium, Europe and worked 4 years to make a conversion from a ‘76 to a 914-6. Rich’ yeller was my point of intrest during al those years; i looked at it more then 100 times i think. Last year finaly, my car was ready to drive. She looks like any “normal” street ‘14 but…it’s all under the hood. A 3,0SC ‘82 is filling the bay. I had a 901 tailshifter that i converted to a sideshifter and add a reinforced plate in it. So far, i never pushed the pedal down in 5th gear. In 4th it reaches 115Mph at 6800 rpm. If i ever have the chance to test it on a closed track, i will try to see how far she goes…
    I would be happy to post some pictures here but d’ont know how to do it yet; i think i must register myself somewhere ?
    Kind regards to you all.

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