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18  06 2008

1971 914-4 2.0L

This is my 1971 914-4 1.7L how it looked when I bought it back in 1993 – and still looks in 2010! I don’t know if I am some kind of record holder for not having worked very much on the car for so many years (nah, probably not).

I have not been completely lazy, though. I have been collecting parts for a 5-lug conversion, gathering parts for an awesome 2liter 4-cyl and had that built by H&H and Johnson Motorsports and generally finding wheels, suspension, interior parts, motor mounts, heat exchangers, flapper boxes – you name it. I litteraly have everything I need to restore and rebuild the car at this point – except time to do it!

Let me show you a few teaser pictures before I turn myself into blog-mode:

Custom-built 2.0L based on GA case, with new dual 44 IDF Webers, enlarged valves , electronic ignition, 8.5:1 compression ratio and tons of goodies all around. You can read much more about my Type-4 engine here.

A bit more about the heads in the words of Rich:

The cores were cleaned, valves (44X38) were installed with new seats and guides suitable for unleaded gas.  Dual springs, base savers, ported intake chambers, fly cut heads, some new exhaust studs installed. They look great.  The valves are necked below their base for better  air flow.  They are hardened stainless steel valves with matched hardened stainless steel seats.  They are one hell of a nice set, especially for a street car!

These are my 16×6 Fuchs wheels. I got them off Ebay a looong time ago. They were stock wheels so we ended up sending them to Wheel Enhancements for this outright amazing treatment!

I decided to go with Bilsteins. A few words about my suspension choices:

Front Suspension
Boge M front struts
Struts stripped and repainted
Front hub set w/new bearings & seals, instld.
Hubs cleaned, media blasted, VHT cleared
M calipers rebuilt, repainted w/pads
911 vented rotors
Bilstein inserts for Boge struts – installed

Rear Suspension
Rear trailing arm bearings (Heavy Duty)
5X130 hub mod. w/studs (no exchange)
914-6 rear rotors
Adj. rear coilover kit w/130lb springs
Bilstein rear shocks

This is a BMW 320 caliper I sourced at one point for the 5-lug conversion. A very nice caliper option, too.

Overall, my 1971 is quite rustfree and has a very stiff chassis. However, it needs to come totally apart for a makeover that is fitting for all the parts I have collected over the years. It is a project I really look forward to be doing in the coming years and I feel no remorse for not having worked on the car or not having had it to use (okay, maybe a little).

I guess it’s the old mantra that applies here: When you have time, you have no money – and when you have the money you don’t have the time anymore!

Oh well – all good things shall come to those who wait.

3 Responses to “1971 914-4 2.0L”

  1. Gorgeous. Vrooom. Note that the caliper pictured is not an M-caliper. It’s from a BMW.

  2. what did you do with the 4 lug rivieras that were on the car?
    Thanks, happy holidays!

  3. I still have them.

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