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14  02 2010

The 3.2L Carrera has been detailed

The state of the engine was great with no leaks or signs of weekness. The reason we took it out in the first place was to be able to repair that nasty cut through the firewall made by the previous owner of the car.

However, given how nice the engine bay would turn out, it would be a shame to just stick the 3.2L back in without at least cleaning it up. As we took the intake system off for detailing. Ideas about a Mass Airflow Sensor system started to fly around.

While a MAS does improve performance it is a fairly significant investment with all sorts of unknown pitfalls in engine stability; the exact adverse effect I am looking for. After some research, I decided to leave it alone and save those $ for something else. It is not like the car is slow – the 914 weighs under 2000 lbs which makes it very respectable indeed.

Wes at H&H in Plano, TX has done a great job as always of making things look great.

3.2 w901 RR

This is how the motor looked as it came out of the car. It is fairly evident that the motor had not been detailed en route from the donor vehicle to the 914.


Let’s look at some before-and-after pictures: The above is before, below is after.


The sheet metal was exchanged to actual metal pieces and painted Seal Grey to match the new color of the car.

Here the 3.2L seen from the rear – first the before shot:


And rear “after”:


Some shots from the side, completed:



And finally, some installation pics:

3.2 Installed3.2 Mount Installed

This is a good shot of the Rich Johnson 914-6 mount with the motor installed.

3.2 Oil Lines Installed

A view of the oil lines installed.

3.2 Installed Top

… And a view from the top to finish off this post. Sheet metal and fan shroud in the car’s new color looks great in the redone engine compartment. I am looking forward to getting it all back together now.

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