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17  01 2010

Completing the color change

When having an interest in classic cars, it is a frequent experience to see color changes that were not finalized. To me, there is nothing worse than opening a trunk or to an engine compartment only to be met with the previous and often tired color of the vehicle.

Since I had already decided I did not want to take Silver completely apart some tinkering would be necessary not to fall into the category of poorly executed color changes.

The Porsche 914 is a relatively easy car to access both for the trunks and the interior. There is not much trim or padding anywhere and we decided to take out all but the dash board from the interior.

RS Jamb and BH Cut in

Here, the door jamb and firewall has undergone the transformation to the new color.

Rear Trk LS Cut in

The rear trunk. Of course, we do take the car apart as much as needed. In this pictures you can see the tail light assemblies has been removed as well as all wiring.


It would be VERY hard to tell that this 914 has not been completely taken apart for the respray. Note the gas shocks for the lid that has replaced the original spring-loaded lifters. Such a nice upgrade – has the sound of a modern car as opposed to the original clunky sound.

RTrunk Reflection1

I am very pleased with the quality of the paint job. You are looking at the underside of the rear trunk lid, reflecting the bottom of the trunk. Richard Fischer has done an awesome job – huge thanks!

FTrunk Hood1

The front end, just back from the painter. We took out the gas tank to allow access to the area behind and under all the ventilation housings. The gas tank is very easy to lift out, which is in stark contrast to all the vent houses. Anyone who has tried this will tell you “don’t do it!” and we didn’t.

Front Trunk BH Back

Here you can see the area where the gas tank normally sits. Again, a really great job by the painter.

Front Under Cowl 1

The area just below in the wind screen is where all the vent housing is and this is a typical area left undone. But not here – it would be very hard to tell this area has not been taken apart. We decided not to paint over the glued area as it will be carpeted again once the car goes together.


Had the trunk continued to look like this it would have been an unfortunate contrast to the car’s exterior. I am happy we went the extra miles and did this right!

The targa top was actually untouched and in an okay shape. To complete the look of the car, the top was sanded down and smoothed , and finally coated in the same body color as the car.

TTop at Rich's

Those were the finishing touches of my painter. The car now needs to go back together, have the engine installed and possibly see some upgrades in the interior department.

I am thinking original seats, leather covered as well as leather covered back pad. A tan or even biscuit color is tempting but I sense I will be happier with a black interior. We’ll see. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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