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12 2009

New motor mount and engine bay clean-up

I am not looking to create a show car – I want to create a 914-6 which is sorted and easy to use, with very respectable performance and with no higher maintenance needs than, say, a 911 Carrera 3.2L from the eighties.

As such, we will not go into underside painting but rather invest in a very clean presentation from the top. The engine is already being detailed and cleaned up so we need to prepare the engine bay. The Vellios motor mount is now removed and the area is being prepared for the Rich Johnson mount.

Bulkhead WOMount

This was taken right after the firewall had been repaired and the old mount was taken out.

Lower Bulkhead WOMount

Lower Bulkhead WNewMount

After the clean up and respray of the firewall. The RJ mount is in place ready to accept the 3.2L back as soon as possible.

Bulkhead RS Cut in

The engine bay is now clean and pretty. The new motor mount can be seen under the orange rag.

Eng Comp LS Cut in

The oil tank was also exchanged to an OE tank, properly installed. In the below image you can see the opposite side where the battery area looks crisp and nice.

Eng Comp RS Cut in

Next up is the exterior paint job. I have already revealed my color of choice. In case you were wondering, this is the Porsche Carrera GT “Seal Grey” color.


I am hoping for other similarities, too :-)

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