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16  12 2009

More on brake calipers for the 5-lug setup

When I purchased Silver, some rather large Brembo calipers used on the Porsche 911 993-model were installed in the front. They can be seen through the wheel in the below image:


This is surely a great brake setup. The caliper mounts to the 914-6 strut with the aid of an aluminum adapter. The rotor also needs an step-down adapter ring to fit the wheel hub. The system is a proven method and by all said to be a fine solution. I ran the car with this setup for about two years with no alterations or problems of any kind.

I have always fancied the calipers from the Porsche 944 Turbo. Rich has used these calipers on Ole Yeller and in brake conversion kits for lots of customers. For me, the appeal is the way in which the 944T caliper mounts to the strut without the need for any adapters. Same goes for the rotor which fits the hub directly. The 944T setup is a very clean and stock-looking installation and is recognized as a very high performance brake upgrade.

The 944T is a four-piston aluminum mono block caliper as can be seen here:

FRight 944T Apart 3 010405

New rotors, pads and all hardware needed to be sorted which can be seen in the picture.

But let me show you some more of the 993 calipers that were coming off.

Caliper Side

Caliper Face

Caliper wAdapter

As you can see, the calipers are not exactly small for the 914. The rusty rotors had lots of life left in them – they just get this way from sitting too long as the car was back and forth to the painter and H&H for the engine work. Both the strut adapter and hub adapter can be clearly seen.

I decided to refurbish the 993 set and sell it off. I left the calipers unpainted as my likelihood of choosing the color my buyer would want was slim :-)

993 Kit Top 122604

Here you can see all the components of a (very) big brake 914 kit. In the below corners are the wheel hubs with the 5-lugs you need for 911-type/moderne wheels. Above the two hubs are the brake pads; and above those the rotors. The rotors are bolted to the back side of the hubs and thus become one unit.

The adapters I mentioned earlier are the blue pieces next to the brake pads.

993 Kit Partial Top 010405

Here are the plated rotors and associated hardware. Sure does look prettier. The set sold quickly – but oddly, ended up back in my possession. But as they say: That is a different story altogether! :-)

Back to fitting the 944T calipers on Silver:

FRight Hub Rotor Seal  010405

Here is the seal being installed in the wheel hub – you can see the rotor is now bolted onto the hub.

FRight 944T 2 010405

Still a big caliper – I chose glossy black as color as I have some plans for new wheels where I would like the calipers to sit a little understated back there…

FRight 944T 010405

Ready to go – pads installed, dust cap on hub. The old wheels will go back on for now – stay tuned.

5 Responses to “More on brake calipers for the 5-lug setup”

  1. I know that you used 944t calipers, and I assume that you used 911 hubs. What rotors did you use? My reading tells me that the rotors need to be at least 28mm thick to work properly with 944t calipers. 911 rotors are 20 mm thick, and 911 3.2 Carrera rotors are 24 mm.

  2. Very cool. I’ve known about the BMW 320 I conversion for about 20 years, but did not know the 944T calipers can be made to fit. Guessing the rear proportional valve can be remove with these monsters in the front. Who supplies the rotor and center hub? This will go on my Monterey convertible.

  3. So all I have to do to fit 944T brakes to my 914 is buy the calipers and rotors and bolt them on? Will the 944T rotors bolt to 914 hubs? My hubs have been converted to 5 stud and I would prefer to stick with them if possible.

  4. Hi Steve,

    The Brembo 993 kit was installed in another 914 and not for sale. I suggest you contact Rich Johnson. Rich can advise on and design all brake possibilities available for the 914. Rich can be contacted at a914guy (at) aol dot com

  5. Hello!
    I would like to inquire about the Brembo 993 brake kit.
    I’m in the process of converting the brakes on my 914.

    Thank you!

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