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12 2009

Coming apart

Well – I took the plunge. Silver is coming apart for a respray. it started with a desire to redo the engine compartment, not least to fix the firewall which had been cut by the PO. As part of that work, the engine came out for some detalling work and some upgrades.

Some piece of machinery! The sheet metal around the engine was plastic so that had to go for a replacement with a 5 piece steel set. And while we were at it, the intake system came off too for detailling

When the conversion had been done, the PO had selected the Vellios mount. While the Vellios is a tested and tried solution, for an engine of this power (250+ HP) you really want all the stiffness and rigidity possible. Rich has been (and still is) making one of the very best engine mounts for Porsche 914-6. As part of my signature on the car, the Vellios came out and an RJ Mount was installed in it’s place. The picture below shows the difference, maybe I can get Rich to chime in and write a few words about his mount and the design considerations behind it.

Well, back to the coming-apart part: The paint of Silver was actaully not that bad – just not new either. And with the amount of spraying in the engine compartment one thing led to the next and before we knew it we were budgetting a quite extensive makeover.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Silver’s Makeover!

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