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15  01 2009

5-lug conversion – what’s that?

If you’ve ever fancied the looks of early 911 wheels you are probably aware they are called Fuchs wheels. Fuchs is a German metalware company that stems back as early as 1910. Fuchs has been supplying parts to several car companies, including Porsche. Visit Fuchs here

Now, all 914 4-cylinder cars use a bolt pattern for the wheels of 4 bolts per wheel. That limits the amount of choices in wheels to just that – but if you want a 911-style wheel you will find that the Porsche 911 employs a 5-hole pattern.

This issue is not isolated to Porsche 914’s – it also exists in early Mustangs and lots of other classic cars. The good thing is that it can be remidied by use of well-proven methods.

The 911 and 914 are parts compatible in a number of areas, and the 914-6 was originally manufactured as a 5-lug car. Since there are differences to the spindle and thus to the wheel hub, how the rotors bolt up etc it is required to change the front struts to 911 front struts to get to 5-lugs for the front end of the 914.


The 911 struts are compatible with the 914-4 too, however the original calipers will not fit the strut. There are numerous options when it comes to caliper choice. I will leave it as this for now and return with more on calipers and what is required to convert the rear end in a separate post.

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  1. I recently purchased a 914 Renegade conversion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t converted up to snuff. I am in the process or rebuilding many of the converted areas and areas they claimed to have converted. My question on the brakes is this… The car has 5 lug fronts and an adapter plate on the rear for 5 lugs. The brakes were stated to be 911 brakes, but when I pulled them, they were stock 914 brake calipers and pads. What would I need in order to completely convert over to a “big brake” kit? I would like to u[grade the brakes that are on there, especially with the 350 motor that sits in it now. Any help would be great.


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