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10  07 2008

Firewall cuts

Prior to purchasing the car, it was determined that after the conversion was completed by the PO an alternater failure had occured. Instead of dropping the engine to replace it the firewall was cut from the inside after removing the backbad, allowing the change. It was not something I cared for but you take the bitter with the sweet.

About a year and a half after I got the car I decided to have this repaired and also have the engine compartment detailled. There was a lot of glue from an insulation mat that wasn’t pleasing to the eye that needed to go.

This image shows the firewall after we had the engine dropped at H&H in Plano – now that’s one big hole! I am sure it did not do the car any favors in terms of rigidity.

The piece out on the ground, with glue-gunk and all. Next step is to weld it back in:


There we go – all better and patched up done with such excellence that you could not tell it had been out when seen from the engine compartment side. Finish behind backpad still reveales some scars. For the avid reader these last few pics are somewhat of a tell-tale – more to follow.


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