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18  06 2008

1975 914-6 3.2L

This is my Porsche 914-6 3.2L Carrera, lovingly referred to as “Silver”. The images you see on this page depicts how it looked when I took ownership of this 914-6 in 2002. The car is a California car through it’s existance and has prior to the six-conversion been owned by a celebrety actor – I will leave out the name for now (uuh, isn’t it exiting ;-) )

Getty dash 911 style

Equipped with a Getty dash 911 style, the car does not have that classic box dash of 914’s. I had mixed feelings about it at first, but I really like it after all.

The interior is quite nice and original from 1975. The 901 gearbox is well-sorted and shifts cleanly and with no klunks.

Porsche 993 calipers and vented rotors had been fitted – rear is stock 914-4. The wheels are early Boxster wheels that are in fine shape.

There were things I didn’t much care for – plastic rocker panels with raised “Porsche” letters was one of them. But hey, it cannot be expected that everything is just right out of the box, and plus it gave me a chance to do some work to the car and have my own influence shine through.

I have driven the car to two events as it looked in these pictures – that’s right – “looked”. It doesn’t look like this anymore. At all. When time permits, I am posting on this site about all the changes that we have made to it since I took ownership of the car back in 2002.

RRear at Rich's

Here you see a snapshot taken during Silver’s makeover. It shows the new color after a thorough respray inside and out. The car sits high because the 3.2L Carrera engine has been out for detailing. You can read much more about the process in my posts on the site.

5 Responses to “1975 914-6 3.2L”

  1. Hi,

    can u provide more info on fitting the 993 calipers?
    I am building an 914-6 replica and i want to put 964 calipers on it

    Do u know how or have an how to ? (Also the rear suspension/brakes)


  2. Great looking car. IS it for sale, and if so how much?

  3. Did you have to do anything special for the 16″ Boxster wheels to fit (besides the 5 lug conversion)? I’m selling my 97 Boxster which has the 03 17’s and keeping the 97 16’s while looking for a 914. Never thought of using these wheels for the 914 until I saw yours. I must say they look like they were made for this car, love the idea!

  4. I have just compleated a very simalar project. 72 914 with 3.2 engine. What exhaust system did you use? The one the dealer put on mine looks bad! Thanks for your help and Nice Car!

  5. Hi – congratulations with your completed project. My car has no heat – I am not sure where the headers are from. The muffler is a Dansk 911 dual inlet dual pipe stainless steel muffler. Make sure to get tail pipes with larger diameter than your 914-6 friends. ;-)

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